The Ancient Kingdom of Vijaynagar and The Rain SoakedPolo Forest

Come... Stay... Enjoy your holidays in the lap of nature.

POLO FESTIVAL 2021 is a celebration of divine natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Polo forest, located in Vijaynagartaluka of Sabarkantha district of Gujarat. Green mountains guard this forest and HarnavRiver quenches its thirst.Presence of one of the most ancient ruins of Jain and Hindu temples in this pristine surroundings soothe by connecting nature to spirituality.

Polo forest is a bird watchers delight. It is home to over 200 species of rare birds including jungle fowl. Central Asian birds too tour Polo during the festival period. Their songs make every morning in Polo melodious and will make you feel out of this world. Tribals living hereare descendants of the legendary Bhil army that helped MahaRanaPratap during difficult times. Presence of more than 450 varieties of medicinal herbs along with plenty diversity of flora and fauna makes Polo festival excellent opportunity to experience nature in its pristine best.

Harmony with nature is something Polo Festival stands for. Here we have an eco-friendly camp of 30 AC luxury tents, each with rooms – beautifully furnished with natural materials – and an attached en-situ bathroom to make your stay comfortable. All tents have an extended deck – an ideal place to sit, relax and breathe in nature. Searching for best picnic spots near Gujarat ? Vijaynagar Polo Forest, Polo Forest Gujarat will be one of the best destination near Idar, Vijaynagar, Gujarat for Picnic celebration. Get details for vijaynagar Gujarat, vijaynagar polo forest, polo forest Gujarat, polo forest idar-photos, polo forest contact number, polo forest in Gujarat, polo forest photography. Cuisine of authentic vegetarian food with glimpses of local culture like dance, songs, art and handicrafts make stay in these tents more entertaining. Those seeking thrill can go on trekking trails, riverside walking and camel rides. The sense of peace experienced while cycling in here is something that we and those who visit Polo vouch for.

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When to VISIT?

Monsoon is the season when maximum travelling should be done.

The 400 square km area of dry mixed deciduous forest is most lush between September and December after the monsoon rains when the rivers are full, but at any time of the year it provides a rich wildlife experience.

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The fig trees, when in fruit, are good places to look out for the endangered Grey Hornbill and Brown-headed Barbet who will come to nibble. Grey Hornbills can also be found at a Banyan tree near the campsite, when it is out with its bright red fruit. On another tree on the other side of the camp look for woodpeckers, and fruit birds and prey birds at the top, especially during a particular half hour in the afternoon (the exact time of which changes).
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